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Gherkin is the format for Cucumber Specifications. Technically speaking it is a small computer language with a well-defined syntax, but it’s so simple that you don’t have to know how to program in order to use it. Here is a simple Gherkin document:

Feature: Password management
  Scenario: Forgot password
    Given a user with email "[email protected]" exists
    When I ask for a password reset
    Then an email with a password reset link should be sent

The only syntax here is the colored keywords at the beginning of each line. The rest is entirely up to you. Gherkin documents are stored in regular text files with a .feature file extension. The file above could be stored in a password_management.feature file.

When you run Cucumber, it will generate a report that verifies whether or not the software behaves the way the Gherkin document says.

How is that possible? You (or someone else on your team) can then write some code that translates the text in the Gherkin document into interactions with the software.